Examples of Color Combinations

These photos were chosen to represent different color combinations throughout art. The four arrangements of color that we researched were “Monochromatic,” “Analogous,” “Complementary,” and “Triadic.” The artists who have been chosen as examples include Jeff  Koons, Sandy Skoglund, Andy Warhol, Jessica Ford, and Connie Mulloy.


-Only one color that is featured throughout the work.


“Untitled,” Created by Jeff Koons

“Untitled,” N.d. Photograph. N.p.

“Radioactive Cats”, Created by Sandy Skoglund

Radioactive Cats. N.d. Photograph. N.p.



– 3 similar colors (NEIGHBORS) Warm or Cool.


“Analogous Colors,” Created by Jessica Ford

Analogous Colors. N.d. Photograph. N.p.




– 2 colors opposite of each other and are located across from each other on the color wheel.

“The Lake at Sunset,” created by Connie Mulloy

The Lake at Sunset. N.d. Photograph. N.p.


– 3 colors, all different and evenly spaced out on the color wheel.


Primary Triad: Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Secondary Triad: Orange, Purple, and Green.


“Marilyn Monroe,” created by Andy Warhol

Marilyn Monroe. N.d. Photograph. Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh.



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